ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – A mysterious, creepy phone call could change everything in two of Atlanta's most notorious cold cases – one woman murdered. Another missing.

CBS46’s crime scene investigator Sheryl 'Mac' McCollum believes the man behind the voice likely killed Diane Shields.

In 1967, the 22-year-old was found bludgeoned to death inside her car trunk.

“No matter who talks about Diane Shields this person contacts them almost immediately,” she said.

Sandie Webb hadn’t heard his voice until recently.

For 50 years, he called on the day Mary Shotwell Little disappeared. And the day Shields was found murdered.

Both were her friends.

The caller never said a word.

Until one night, he said something that shook Webb to her core.

“When he said to me ‘well, I guess she was just stringing me along huh?” said Webb. “I may have misinterpreted that but to me it sounds like I'm pissed.”

She immediately Mac.

“Sandie made it clear that her phone number was unpublished. The person that located that phone number did an internet search that was exhausting,” Webb said. “So, this person spends a lot of time tracking down anybody who's connected to Diane Shields.”

For the first time in 54 years, Webb talked exclusively to CBS46 about their friendship.

“I've never talked publicly about this. Cause to me I just didn't want idol gossip. Just for sensationalism,” said Webb. “But when I found out it was you (Karyn Greer) and my dear friend, Sheryl Mac. If I can help, I wanna help.”

Little’s disappearance in 1965 outside Lenox square set off one of the largest searches Atlanta wouldn't see again until the child murders of the ‘80s.

“It was like it was unreal that something like this could happen. And of course, we all thought they're going to find her,” Webb said.

Although Little and Shields never met, they were linked by coincidence, one of them being Webb who lived with each one at different times.

“They were two fantastic people. Two fantastic ladies. They really were,” she said.

CSI Atlanta went back to Shields’ crime scene.

“Whoever put her car here was concealing her, not hiding her and to me that's a big difference,” said Mac.

Her body was found inside her car at the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Sylvan Road in East Point.

The current strip of retail used to house a laundromat. Next to it, a parking lot that’s now gated and overgrown with weeds and trees.

Mac’s been investigating the case for 15 years and said the killer's friendly interactions with Shields' later turned into an obsession.

The caller recently contacted CBS46 following an initial story on the Shields and Little cold case.

The caller – a man who never gave his name – told cbs46 he dated Shields and mentioned intimate details about her investigation that were only detailed in the case files.

CBS46 was given exclusive access to hundreds of pages of files.

He also said he knew where to find missing evidence in the case that has been lost for decades.

“The East Point police department absolutely knows he's made contact with CBS46 and CSI Atlanta specifically. They know exactly what he said,” said Mac. “But hopefully he’ll reach out again and hopefully he’ll want to meet.”

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