ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Acqunellia Smith has spent nearly 20 years looking at a sketch of her daughter Nacole's killer, praying to God she'll find him.

“I'm not looking in the person's face. I'm always looking in their mouth, looking for that gap in between the teeth,” she said.

In 1995, the 14-year-old was found raped and shot in the face by two security guards in a wooded area behind the Deerfield Apartments where he lived.

“I couldn't save her from this guy, but I can get justice for her,” Smith said.

The dated black-and-white drawing shows a black man in his 30s staring blankly behind wire-framed glasses.

But that's not how he looks today.

CSI Atlanta and CBS46's crime scene investigator Sheryl 'Mac' McCollum recently released a new age-enhanced version with the help of GBI forensic artist Kelly Lawson.

“I have to use a lot of generalities when aging from a composite,” Lawson told CBS46.

It seems unfathomable for a murderer to have a conscience, but Lawson said the emotional toll could show in his face.

“If he has a conscience about it, if he hasn't killed anybody else, he doesn't want to kill anybody else – if he has a conscious about it he's going to look older, cause he's worrying,” she said.

The new sketch is in color and shows a bald black man in his late 40s or early 50s with a thin mustache, wearing rimless framed eye glasses.

The gap in his teeth still there.

Smith said he looks familiar.

“Oh my god. It looked as though I had seen this person before, but not knowing where I'd seen him,” she said. “Thankful and grateful that you guys were willing to do the update of the picture, it needed to be out there.”

A witness at the scene told Atlanta police a light-skinned black man wearing khaki pants had just run off.

That June, Nacole and her older sister were walking to school when she turned back home to get a school project.

She cut through a wooded area behind her southwest apartment complex – but she never made it.

“I want death penalty for him, I want him to have the chair. He deserves the chair cause he's taken two lives, mine and Nacole's,” Smith said.

The case heated up in 2004, -after a 13-year-old girl was raped in East Point, this time surviving.

DNA linked the two crimes.

The GBI relied on the victim's description of her attacker to create the black-and-white sketch.

Several months ago, Smith said officers told her they're using genetic genealogy to test the DNA. The results may take up to eight months.

“It gives me a lot of hope because this time young man, old man, whatever you are right now, you're time is so limited right now on the streets so enjoy yourself right now because you will be caught real, real, real soon,” she said. “Trust and believe that.”

Earlier this year, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called for the Atlanta child murders to be re-opened.

Smith said it’s only it's only fair, the same resources be extended to finding her daughter’s killer.

“It's just one little innocent black child. But if you can take taxpayers money and open up his case, why can't you do that for mine?” she said.

If you have seen the man in the composite, or have any information that can help Nacole’s case, call Atlanta Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.

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