Chevy Nova

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – CSI Atlanta is investigating a new lead involving the 1982 murder of Danny Stowe at the Purple Onion strip club on Stewart Avenue. A car matching the description of Danny’s killer was recently spotted in Washington D.C., by forensic criminologist Dr. Laura Pettler.

Pettler, is part of Dr. Oz’s True Crime team, which airs right here on CBS46.

“She was able to not only get to that vehicle, get the VIN number…she’s trying to get the history of who owned it,” said CBS46 crime scene investigator, Sheryl ‘Mac’ McCollum.

Witnesses told Atlanta Police, after shooting 28-year-old Stowe in the chest, the killer sped off in a Chevy Nova in pristine condition with a black top and orange body.

Stowe left behind a wife, Lou Ann and two sons, including Tommy – who has made it his life mission to track down his father’s killer.

“I want justice for our family. Closure. We deserve it. What he did to my father and what he’s done to me these past 40 years…anxiety, frustration, mad, hurt,” Tommy Stowe told CBS46.

Mac said the car is critical to this case and that releasing the images could help jog a witnesses memory or lead to new information.

“Now we can put it out and show people here it is. Does anybody remember anyone who owns this car?” she said.

If you have any tips or leads in this case, please call Atlanta Crime Stoppers: (404) 577-TIPS.

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This car is wrong, It was a late 60's camaro that was the most beautiful color orange that i had ever seen, I still picture that car in my head today even tho i was young ( 11yo), The roof was not solid black, it had 2 gloss black stripes running across the hood and across the roof and trunk lid that were roughly 6 to 8 inch's wide. I know this becuase my oldest brother worked at a auto parts store that use to sit at the corner of stewart and cleveland and this guy was always coming in, Sadly my brother died in 2015 and i know he new this guy because they talked alote about motors and upgrades.

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