Customers unhappy with airport car rental company

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It's their first experience after stepping off the plane in our city, but visitors to Atlanta say it's not a good one according to bad reviews for a car rental company at the airport.

The online reviews are so bad that the Better Business Bureau is giving Avis Car Rental an "F".

CBS46 Reporter Dante Renzulli made a surprise visit Wednesday afternoon to see if the online reviews are the exception or the rule.

"This will probably be the last time I do Avis," said one customer.

They made the slogan "We Try Harder" famous for decades, but Avis Car Rental customers in Atlanta say they're not seeing it, as least not at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport location.

Most other Avis locations in Atlanta scored an "A" with the Better Business Bureau.

If you check Yelp, their average review is two out of five stars and on Facebook 1.6 stars.

Many complaints online were about the wait, and I got some in person too.

"I've been standing here 20 minutes with kids," said one mother.

"They don't appear to have cars, or they don't know where they are, or they can't get the numbers right or something," said one man.

One complaint about deceptive charges made it to the Georgia Attorney General. That customer says he was sent photos from Avis and billed $250 for getting dirt on the floor mats-- a price he says that is totally excessive an not disclosed in advance.

I did find some people in line today who had positive things to say.

"I get my rental car at least once a week here, so it goes pretty good. Everyone here is pretty friendly, and it's cool," said one person.

"It was a little bit busy, but the line was flowing pretty fast and actually their process went very nice and easy."

CBS46 tried to get a response from Avis Rental Car's spokespeople but they did not answer in time for this report.

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