GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga (CBS46) --  Some Gwinnett County parents are upset by the safety measures -- or lack thereof -- to protect their kids as they walk to school.

They say construction and lack of sidewalks are to blame.

“The kids that are walking, there are no sidewalks there, it’s very dangerous for them, they don’t have anywhere to go,” Alicia Artiga told CBS46. She's a concerned grandparent.

“They are not having a safe passage way for the kids,” added Oswaldo Ponce, another concerned grandparent.

Children walking to Brookwood High School from a neighborhood less than a half mile away have to maneuver around construction families say has been going on for more than a month.

 “And no person to protect them, or give direction, or signs for speed…there’s nobody there,” Artiga said.

She also tells us her 14-year-old grandson walks to school along with dozens of other students.

“He helps the other kids, telling them, don’t go there -- there are small kids walking there,” Artiga added.

She says a police officer, or even a sign for cars to slow down, would be helpful until the construction is done.

“To avoid an accident, we want to protect them before something happens,” said Artiga.

We reached out to Gwinnett County Public Schools, and they told us:

 “We understand and share the concerns expressed by students and parents regarding the department of transportation (DOT) construction/road project along Dogwood Road near Hollybrook Road.

Although the school system does not make decisions regarding sidewalks and road construction projects, district staff have had multiple discussions with DOT staff about the concerns related to the safety of students who walk to school in this area."

So we reached out to Gwinnett County. They told us:  

“The Gwinnett County Transportation Department will continue to coordinate with school officials to improve pedestrian flow while this school safety project is under construction. Weather permitting, this project will be complete in time for the start of the next school year.”


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