Dante Renzulli


Dante Renzulli has been working in television news since 2007. He is a multimedia journalist (MMJ) which means he is a news reporter who simultaneously does his own video photography. Sometimes when you see him in front of the camera, there is no one behind it. Send him an email: dante.renzulli@cbs46.com

Have you been asked to call Dante Renzulli? Read below:

Because he frequently drives a news van over long distances, Dante prefers phone calls to e-mails and other written messages. If you are asked to contact him regarding a story, he will generally need to hear from you within a few hours or not at all. The deadlines in television news are much shorter than in print journalism. Reports are likely to run without your input if your response is untimely. If you are asked to comment or do an interview about a given topic that is in the news, you should expect to be in front of a camera. Anything said off-camera (e.g. e-mail, text, phone) is generally unusable unless you are an authority figure or official spokesperson of some kind. Exceptions rarely apply.

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