ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Georgia Department of Transportation crews scoped out the bridge at  Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard and Cascade Avenue Thursday after a tragic crash there Wednesday. 

Family told CBS46 News that 87-year old Betty Hodo lost her life after going over the bridge and landing below in the beltline. 

GDOT tells us it plans to make long-term changes to the bridge but does not have details at this time.

"Beautiful, ambitious, outgoing, courageous, stubborn but good as gold," said Tanyna Hodo about her mother, Betty Hodo. "She was willing to offer a helping hand to anybody that needed it."

Hodo tells us she still has many questions following her mother's crash. "Is there something that caused her to veer towards that area or direction that took her out of her focus of on the streetway, scared or startled her?"

She is asking anyone who was there to speak up. "I am desperately asking any witness or anybody that can some forward, please provide necessary information."

APD says its preliminary investigation shows Hodo left the road, hit the fence and went over the side. It says she was driving the only car involved.

However, a witness on scene described a different story. "I heard her hit the bridge and I saw her car go down there but other people who came from the road said she was avoiding getting him by someone," they told us Wednesday night.

After the accident, the city placed concrete barriers around the bridge. It's a safety feature Hodo tells us she wishes came sooner.

"It could have been some infrastructures that could have been better facilitated," she said. "They should reinforce it and make it more properly durable. There are some things that can be done."

A spokesperson with GDOT tells us they are assessing the temporary barrier while they get a contract for a long-term fix.

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