Day 2: Tex McIver murder trial

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Day two of witness testimony brings more details of what happened days before Tex McIver says he accidentally shot and killed his wife.

Teresa Gail Meadows was a receptionist at Corey Airport Services for only a few months before Diane McIver died. She says that on the Thursday before Diane was killed, Tex walked into the office with his face beet red and visibly angry.

Meadows pointed out on a diagram where McIver entered the building. She says she was surprised because he didn't say a word to her but stormed past the reception desk and briefly looked into Diane's office. He then walked into the owner's, Billy Corey's, office who is also a good friend of Diane. Meadows told the jury McIver only spent about 90 seconds in Corey's office. She couldn't say whether or not Corey and Diane were inside but Meadows says she remembers the incident so well because of McIver's demeanor.

"He was red faced. Stern look on him. I've just not seen too many people that looked like that," said Meadows.

McIver's attorneys argued that Meadows had only met McIver a few times before and wouldn't know what his typical demeanor is. Another close co-worker to Diane testified that the Friday Diane left for the ranch she saw Diane distraught in her office. Because of hearsay rules , the defendant couldn't tell the jury why she believed Diane was distraught

As the state calls witnesses to the stand in the murder trial, we begin to see just how much the history is among the couple's inner circle was.

"I had met Tex and we went out for a few months," said Janie Calhoun.

Janie Calhoun dated McIver before he and Diane knew each other. She told the jury she met Diane years later. Calhoun became close friends with the couple.

But according to Diane's personal assistant, unbeknownst to Calhoun, McIver talked about getting back together with her just two days before his dead wife's memorial service.

"All he said was that he didn't think she was happy with her husband and that maybe he could get her back… could get who back? "Janie," said Terry Brown.

The defense argued that the comment was significant because Brown never told investigators about it until recently.

"I told them that recently. Because it didn't come to my mind," said Brown.

Brown had full control of Diane's finances and organized her bill payments each month.

Brown says at the time of her death, Diane had around 350 to 450 hundred thousand dollars in her checking account. He says Tex didn't have access to his wife's accounts so after her death. McIver went to Brown for help to access her money.

"He thought she had more money than she had," said Brown.

Brown told the jury Diane loaned money to several people and made sure they paid back with 5% interest on time each month. He says Tex was the only person with a loan who was allowed to make interest only payments.

The defense says that's because the loan between the couple was never an issue.

Brown testified that he found out at the time of her death that Diane owed more than $900,000 to an investment company she co-owned. That loan was later paid off with a $1 million life insurance policy she had.

He didn't say if McIver got any of the left over money but Brown also testified that Diane had a second life insurance police worth about $600,000. Nothing was stated about whether McIver got that insurance money but in their opening statements the state said that after Diane died, McIver instantly got over a million dollars.

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