Deadliest stretches of roads in Georgia

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Studies have shown Atlanta to have some of the deadliest roads in the country. Now we have data pinpointing the deadliest stretches.

"It runs out. It doesn't tell you that you are going to run into an only turn so people are trying to get over and then this traffic is doing like 60 so yeah I can see it," said Tammy Sims.

Tammy Sims is not shocked this portion of I-75 is one of the deadliest in our area. But according to a study done for Butler Wooten & Peak law firm, I-20 holds the deadliest stretch in the state.

"So this is I-20. This is the most deadly stretch that we found and we had 5 fatalities and 5 crashes in a much shorter area just a little under a mile," said Sims.

It's the section just west of I-75 & 85 just south of downtown. Attorney Tedra Cannella explains why knowing this is important for drivers.

"Number one is let people make their own decisions that govern their safety. If people want to avoid a certain stretch of road or if they want to be extra vigilant on that stretch they have the choice to do that," said Cannella.

I also learned a stretch of GA400 leading up to 285 had 4 fatal crashes, where 5 people died on just under a two mile stretch. From 400, west 4 and a half miles on 285 to Northside Drive there were 10 fatal crashes where 11 people died.

"I just think Atlanta's traffic is terrible," said Sims.

But it's not just interstates. In Cobb County on South Cobb drive between Fairgrounds and Pine Hill Drive, 6 fatal crashes where 7 people died in just a 4 mile stretch of road.

Cannella says this information can be useful to highway agencies.

"To let government entities know that these are certain areas that need a closer look and to think about what they can do to keep people safer," said Cannella.

"If they had a way I could get around without the traffic I'd be alright," said Sims.

For more information on the deadliest roads in Georgia, click here.

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