DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- There have been three homicides within 24 hours in DeKalb County.

Around 11 p.m. Monday night, police found a woman stabbed to death on Memorial Drive. Her murder would be the first of a deadly upcoming day in DeKalb.

Around midnight in Stone Mountain, 41-year-old Geary Samuels was shot and killed in front of his home on Hope Springs Road. His family told CBS46 that he was walking home from the Kroger grocery store when someone shot him in the back in front of his driveway.

“A police officer said they saw his super market bag and his hat,” said his older sister Keisha Samuels. “We knew that was him,” she added.

Samuels family said he was bipolar and schizophrenic and always followed the same nightly routine of picking up snacks at local stores and fast food restaurants. They said he always avoided conflict.

“He is not a troublemaker,” his sister said. “He is not confrontational, but he is OCD and we know his habits every day. Every day he goes to Kroger right around midnight and comes home,” she said.

Around 8 o'clock Tuesday morning on Orchard Circle in Decatur, 28-year-old Ronald ‘Tre’ Peters III became the second shooting victim. He was walking home from a nearby MARTA station when two young men drove up demanding he give them his backpack, according to witnesses. Witnesses told CBS46 that the two men yelled expletives and homophobic slurs at Peters.

“When Tre jerked away from him and said ‘it's my bag, you're not getting it,’ the driver got out with a louder voice yelling 'give him the f-ing bag, f***,” Kevin Pickering told CBS46. “The passenger walked back toward the vehicle and the driver got out and started firing,” he added.

Kevin Pickering told CBS46 that the driver got out of the car and shot Peters twice.

The two suspects were in a burgundy Chevy Silverado with dark windows and a dealership car tag. They both had on face masks during the shooting.

Kevin Pickering said he called 911 and stayed with Peters until an ambulance came.

“I told him that he ain't here by himself that somebody is here with him and we are going to make sure we to try to catch the people that did this to him,” Pickering said.

DeKalb Police are looking for suspects in all three homicides. All investigations are ongoing.

CBS46 looked up crime data and requested numbers from DeKalb County Police. There have been 60 homicides so far in 2019 compared to 37 this time last year. In all of 2018 there were 94 homicides in the county. As a comparison, the Atlanta Police Department has investigated 41 homicides so far in 2019.

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