Police with the city of South Fulton are investigating an early morning shooting off Buckhurst Drive.

CBS46 learned that the victim, who is 22-year-old Sar Dajhii May, was shot and killed in her car.

A woman, who does not want her identity disclosed, says Sar was her brothers girlfriend.

"I was devistated," she said. "I broke down in tears. I was hurt."

Sar was coming back home from some sort of wedding party Sunday morning. When she pulled up to her house, someone opened fire.

"Somebody came up in a Chrysler 300 and shot out of the car."

She said the gunman shot Sar at least three times, including once in the head.

"She's a really sweet girl, like you would never expect nothing like that to happen to her.'

Gun violence has plagued the city of South Fulton in recent weks.

A mother of seven was shot several times while at a home on Jerome Road.

A triple shooting claimed the lives of two teenagers off of Two Lakes Circle, and last week a 23-year-old man died after being shot in the stomach.

The crime is why the woman left the city.

"I don't even live in the South Fulton area anymore," she said. "I moved away from here a long time ago because I think the crime rate has gotten horrible on this side of town, so that''s why I had to move.'

Right now police say they have no suspects or motive, The investigation continues.

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