On the eve of election day, Brenda Spurley sounded off on the DeKalb County Board of Elections.

"I feel terrible because it’s nothing that I’ve done and there’s no reason for it," said Brenda Spurley, former poll worker.

Spurley has been working as a poll worker in DeKalb for more than 20 years. Last week she said she was told face to face that her services were essentially no longer needed. On top of that, Spurley's husband and son were told the same thing.

"They told me that it was a conflict of interest," said Spurley.

It happened after a close family friend of Brenda, Ashlee Wright, was terminated as a poll worker. Wright is suing Commissioner Gregory Adams who she said sexually harassed her while she was working for him by making inappropriate sexual comments.

Election officials said she wright and her family friends can't work at a polling place where Adams is on the ballot.

"Originally she said there might be another election, but I definitely couldn’t work this Tuesday because I had been sequestered," said Spurley.

La'Keitha Carlos, Chief of Staff to the CEO of DeKalb County, issued the following statement:On Thursday May 17, Brenda Spurley, her husband, and son were counseled by DeKalb Voter Registration and Elections staff related to performance related issues. The following day, the Spurleys and the other 2 "family friends" who worked at Tucker Precinct failed to report for work, therefore they were asked not to return to work on election day. This occurrence was a separate issue and unrelated to the apparent conflict of interest related to Ms. Wright.

Related to Ms. Wright, attempts were made to reassign her to another precinct where Commissioner Adams was not on the ballot, however no open positions were available. She is eligible for staffing/rehire during the next election cycle in any precinct where no conflict exists.CBS46 reached out to county officials to find out why family friends of Wright are being told they can't work the polls when they have nothing to do with the lawsuit. As of now, they have not responded.

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