DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who dislikes washing dishes more than Randy Shute.

Yet, he's been trying to clean-up a mess with the DeKalb County Water Department for a year.

“I think the water billing system is completely screwed up,” Shute said.

And who wouldn’t think that, after receiving a bill for more $8,000.

“You know what my first reaction was? I can’t tell my wife because she’ll have a heart attack,” Shute said.

So, he quietly disputed the bill with DeKalb County and was assured it would be resolved.

“Dealing with a water bill of over $8,000 is just traumatic. Who in the world can pay over 8-grand for a water bill which I know is absolutely not true,” Shute said.

To make matters worse, Shute was dealing with mounting medical bills after being diagnosed with cancer. He told the county he would contact CBS46 if they couldn’t help him solve the problem.

“They said no, no, no. Don’t reach out to them. We’ll fix the problem,” Shute said.

And when that never happened, CBS46 got involved and DeKalb County officials admitted they had made a billing mistake, and corrected the bill on the spot.

A county spokesperson said Shute's account was mixed up with another one and he was billed at the wrong rate. While he doesn't have to pay the $8,000, he will be required to pay about $700 for the water he used during the past year.

“It’s problematic that they can’t seem to get their act together,” Shute said.

The DeKalb County Communications Department sent the following statement:

“The customer filed a dispute in July 2018, and, per the dispute policy, continued to receive water service and was not penalized while the account was being reviewed.

After researching the customer’s account, DeKalb County’s utility customer operations center contacted the customer and resolved the dispute.”

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