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DECATUR, Ga. (CBS46) – The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday that a jail inmate and an employee have tested positive for coronavirus.

The sheriff’s office said a 35-year old inmate in the DeKalb County Jail is undergoing treatment at Grady Memorial Hospital after he tested positive for the virus during a medical assessment while in custody at the hospital.

A 57-year-old employee whose job has no contact with inmates was confirmed positive for coronavirus while out on sick leave. The sheriff’s office says it learned of both medical reports on Tuesday.

“We were informed of the inmate’s screening results by Grady physicians who were treating the inmate for other medical concerns,” Sheriff Melody M. Maddox said. “Upon notification, we immediately instituted our protocols for identifying and isolating individuals who might have had contact with the inmate since he has been incarcerated here.”

The sheriff’s office says a reverse contact investigation is being conducted to identify other agency employees who had contact with the employee, who has been out of the office since March 13 on medical leave for other conditions. Potentially exposed employees are being advised to self-quarantine at home and to seek medical assessments from agency health care resources and private physicians.

The sheriff’s office began temperature checks on Monday on all persons entering the sheriff’s office headquarters and jail on Memorial Drive and at the courthouse.

“Since before we were faced with this public health emergency, we have followed very stringent protocols for infectious disease containment and control,” Maddox said. “In consideration of this new virus, however, we have made adjustments to our response plans in conjunction with and on advice of public health officials.”


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