DeKalb 911 directors meet with residents

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On Monday, some Kirkwood residents gathered for their monthly meeting to discuss the ongoing problems they face when they dial 911.

Kirkwood residents who call 911 on their cell phones often get a DeKalb County operator before being transferred to Atlanta Police.

DeKalb County 911 Director Marshall Mooneyham is aware of the problem. He was at last night’s meeting, along with Atlanta’s 911 director.

“The issue behind all of this is basically a technology issue that 911 centers do not control,” he explained.

He said cell phone providers are responsible for all the crossover.

“Can you guys pressure them?” CBS46 reporter Ashley Thompson asked. “We asked them to make adjustments or to take another look at the issues,” Mooneyham said.

But what about the long wait times? Last month, a Kirkwood woman dialed 911 and was on hold for more than five minutes while someone was trying to break into her house.

“I hate that that happened to her and that’s exactly why I apologized to her,” Mooneyham said.

“I Appreciated it,” said Christian. “I think it had a lot to do with the CBS interview. That was brought up in the conversation.”

Christian was also at Monday night’s meeting and isn’t exactly satisfied with the lack of answers.

“I appreciate the fact that they do take the time to call us, listen to us but more importantly I would like to hear a solution going forward on how we are going to resolve this problem.”

“We average about 3,000 calls a day,” Mooneyham told Thompson. “We did over a million calls last year and over 800,000 were 911 calls.”

Mooneyham couldn’t tell CBS46 just how many of those calls were transferred to APD.

As for the wait times, “we strive for under 10 seconds 90 percent of the time,” he said.

Right now Mooneyham says there is talk of forming a task force to better address this issue.

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