It’s a picture that paints a thousand words, a plastic curtain similar to something you might find in a bathroom, hung by a Dekalb County teacher doing what they can to try and protect themselves from the pandemic.

“Some of the teachers tried to put up some plastic you know around their desk, because kids will be eating in the classrooms and they’re kids they’re going to talk to each other,” said a Dekalb County teacher who wished to remain anonymous. 

The Dekalb teacher who spoke with CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy had knowledge of the plastic screen and said it didn’t go over well with the district.

“The first teacher who did that they mentioned you know people were being innovative and trying to be safe and then they came back, told a few teachers to take it down, because it sends a bad message to the students,” said the teacher.

DeKalb County Classroom

She didn’t want to show her face for fear of being fired. She has good reason to think that after the district sent an email directing teachers and Dekalb employees not to talk about what is happening to the media.

“The appearance you know that they are sending the parents matters more than safety sometimes,” the teacher said.

She’s not alone in fearing for her health. Many teachers are now making the long drive to neighboring states that have opened up their vaccine eligibility to teachers.

“I’m not thrilled with the drive but I’m also very thankful that I live close enough to a neighboring state that is allowing teachers to get it without a residency requirement,” said a Georgia teacher who asked not be identified. “If they won’t take care of us, we’ll take care of ourselves."

The teacher said she’ll be getting her first vaccination this Sunday, and said Georgia needs to do better. Alabama has already opened up vaccination to teachers, including those from out of state. Tennessee will also begin next week allowing educators to get the vaccine. However, Governor Brian Kemp said there's still not enough supply in Georgia to allow teachers to receive the vaccine in the Peach State.

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