DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Over craft beer and small plates, DeKalb County citizens met with the two democrats challenging Senator David Perdue for his seat - Clarkson Mayor Ted Terry and former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

“We were able to reduce crime by 42 percent, totally reform our budget, saving the tax payers millions of dollars,” Tomlinson explained of her time as mayor.

Tomlinson was the first female mayor of Columbus. Before that, she spent 16 years as a federal attorney, specializing in crisis management.

“I spent half my life in Atlanta, half my life in Columbus, Georgia,” she said. “I know this state from stem to stern and that's what it's going to take to get the kind of leadership we need.”

Terry, who's dubbed the 'millennial mayor', was elected at the age of 30. He's now 36 and announced his senate bid earlier bid this week.

“On one day in one council meeting, we passed a $15 minimum wage,” he said. “We made election day a holiday and we decriminalized marijuana possession.”

You may have seen Terry in season two of Queer Eye on Netflix getting a little makeover.

“They literally went through my dirty laundry and as a politician, I embarrass myself on a daily basis, so it was no different than any other day, but it was good to highlight the community of Clarkston.”

While the candidates each hope to sway voters their way, they both ultimately want voters to reject Senator Perdue.

“He's not using the power for us here in Georgia,” Tomlinson said. “I mean it took us seven months to get basic Hurricane Michael relief.”

“Senator Perdue has been our senator for five years now and he's never had a town hall meeting,” Terry said.

To learn more about Teresa Tomlinson, visit

To learn more about Ted Terry, click here.

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