ATLANTA (CBS46) -- The MLB All-Star game was originally going to be held at Truist Park but the league decided not to play ball with the peach state after fallout over changes to Georgia's election laws.

While the event is being played in Denver, some Republicans are taking swings at Democrats in attack ads during the game. One ad by the NRSC aired Monday night during the Home Run Derby and will run again during Tuesday's game alongside a different attack ad from Republican National Committee.

Governor Brian Kemp is also stepping up to the plate with his own video mentioning the topic in his first ad released for his re-election campaign.

Democratic State Representative Erick Allen weighs in. "I just find it very disingenuous that Democrats are being blamed for a piece of legislation that not one Democrat voted for. If Brian Kemp was so interested in not having the fallout or the impact of SB202 then maybe he shouldn't have passed it and signed it in the darkness of night," said Allen.

Allen says he is not surprised at Republicans wasting so much money on ads attempting to disguise a bad bill.

"It's really just a continuation of what we've seen since the November election. All of this based on falsehood and they continue to dump millions of dollars into," said Allen.

The Democratic Party of Georgia released the following statement:

“The MLB All-Star Game would be played in Georgia today were it not for Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans’ divisive, racist attack on voting rights – plain and simple. The GOP chose voter suppression and partisan politics over Georgia’s economy when it passed SB 202, driving investments like the All-Star Game out of our state in the process,” said Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Though we’ve come to expect the Georgia GOP to put their bad, unpopular policies ahead of the best interests of our state, it is no less pathetic that Kemp and Republicans are unwilling to accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Georgians deserve better.”

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