Demonstrators hold anti-Trump tally in Atlanta

Source: WGCL

Demonstrators took to the streets in Atlanta and across the country for anti-President Trump rallies.

Protestors spent their Saturday demanding an end to the Trump administration. Organizers call themselves "refuse Fascism."

Nita Carson drove from Covington to Atlanta Saturday afternoon with six other women.

"People have to stand up and do something, talk is cheap," said Carson.

Carson was certainly doing more than talking. The Newton County resident was shouting for a change.

"Our group is for social justice and so this is an event we're very interested in because we want Trump out."

Several dozen people gathered to protest the Trump administration. The group , Refuse Fascism, say they are acting in the name of humanity.

"We want the minorities and the disadvantaged people to be taken care of and they're certainly not under this administration."

CBS46 saw one counter-protester standing on the opposite corner. The two areas separated by Atlanta Police.

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