LITHONIA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A well-known chain restaurant will no longer pose a health hazard to DeKalb County diners.

The Denny’s restaurant just off Panola Road at Snapfinger Woods Drive in Lithonia has closed its doors permanently. On Thursday, a group of men with a company called Atlanta Restaurant Equipment loaded up dirty equipment from the kitchen.

“The grease is like, it’s like an inch thick and it’s rock solid,” An Atlanta Restaurant Equipment employee said.

The men hauled the equipment off after the business shut down in the snap of a finger.

“We were just talking about the news and the whole thing and then we were like they’re back. I was like they’re here. Look at that,” An Atlanta Restaurant Equipment employee said.

Seven months ago, CBS46 questioned management at the restaurant about a failing health inspection and that’s when employees got aggressive and punched our camera.

“The Health Department definitely got it right on this one. Yeah, big time,” An Atlanta Restaurant Equipment employee said.

“We picked up equipment from them a month ago because we had other things and that was pretty bad too, but this is just a little bit of what we’ve gotten from them,” An Atlanta Restaurant Employee added.

CBS46 contacted a representative for Denny's corporate office and they said the store was closed by the franchisee due to financial reasons and they do not have information on future plans.

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While living in Sicily, I stayed with three brothers who were all chefs. They lived in a small home a block from the Mediterranean Sea. They took turns flying to Hawai’i, my home to work as chefs at the 5 star resorts in Waikiki and Maui. We went out to eat a lot in Sicily and across to the main body of Italy. Every small restaurant we went to, one walked in THROUGH the kitchens. The owners were so proud of their gleaming clean kitchens and the people working were extremely friendly. We never needed menus...they just brought out course after course of exquisite food. They were there to keep you pleased with a wonderful dining experience. And they weren’t expensive...usually 350-500 lire--about $4-$5 per customer.

That’s what we have missing in everyday chain restaurants. Frozen food made in microwaves and served by vastly underpaid wait staff while the chains make money.

Europe is a wonderful experience in art, food, and people.

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