2 die after procedures at Kennesaw med spa


The sudden loss of a loved one is a nightmare no family can comprehend.

"I always thought I'd be the one to go first," said Erica Beaubrun's brother Serge.

John Beaubrun and Elsie Albert had to bury their 27-year-old daughter Erica this year and the emotional pain runs deep.

"I walked in and looked and I saw her lying there and I was like what is going on? What?" said Elsie Albert with tears in her eyes.

Erica died in June while undergoing cosmetic surgery at Opulence Aesthetic Medicine in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The police report says Erica went into cardiac arrest during a buttocks reduction performed by Dr. Nedra Dodds. First responders found her lying in a pool of blood and according to medical records she was in a state of cardiac arrest for 22 minutes before 911 was called.

"Why so long? Not even five minutes, a minute is a lot. A minute is a lot. You know what can be done in one minute? You can save a life," said Elsie Albert.

CBS Atlanta news asked Dr. Dodds her reaction to Elsie Albert's comment. "I know that it is very painful for a parent to believe," said Dodds, "At the same time those are not the facts."

Dodds went on to say that she believed 911 was called sooner than what was indicated in the police report and added, "At the exact same time you need to recognize that this facility and the staff and medical personnel have the ability to stabilize a patient, so again the information you have is completely inaccurate."

Erica Beaubrum's death is the second fatal procedure at Dodds facility this year.

April Jenkins died in February from a fat embolism after Dodds performed liposuction. The medical examiner's report shows a perforation in Jenkins diaphragm, as well as multiple puncture wounds to her liver.

CBS Atlanta also got our hands on the complete police report for April Jenkins. Employees working for Dodds were quoted as saying: "Jenkins was the fourth and last surgery of the day" and that "Dodds tended to rush the procedures, especially the last case of the day." Plus, the report says Jenkins complained during the procedure that it was "tearing and burning." An employee present at the time was quoted as telling police Dodds told Jenkins to "be quiet" and that she had "paid for the procedure". It was also noted that "a rag was placed in Jenkins mouth".

CBS Atlanta news asked Dr. Dodds if a rag had been placed in Jenkin's mouth as the police report indicated and Dodds replied, "Absolutely not." She added, "I can't comment on any report that actually didn't take place and I know there were lots of inaccuracies."

In Erica Beaubrun's case, the family attorney told CBS Atlanta they were told Erica bled to death because she was not properly bandaged after her procedure. When asked if that is what happened, Dodds said "No, that's not what happened."

Erica's family disagrees with Dodds account of what happened and believes she failed to properly care for their daughter.

They told CBS Atlanta they are planning legal action against Dodds for medical malpractice.

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