ATLANTA, Ga (CBS46) -- Disaster relief aid is desperately needed by Georgia farmers hit hard by Hurricane Michael last year.

U.S. Representative Rob Woodall said he is trying to help.

“We’ve passed language on the house side,” Woodall said. “The senate hasn’t been able to move it forward. It’s gotten caught up in some larger politics issues.”

According to Woodall, “It’s not just Georgia aid. We are talking about wildfires in California. We are talking about floods in Texas.”

Woodall of the 7th district told CBS46 Vince Sims he knows Georgia farmers need the help.

An estimated $2.5 billion in agricultural losses have gone uncompensated by federal disaster relief.

“Six months without a single bit of help from the federal government,” Woodall said. “That’s not what our disaster system was set up to do. It’s not the way the disaster system is supposed to operate. And Republican and Democratic leaders have been making promises to Georgia that we were going to get this thing done and it keeps slipping.”

Woodall also said partisan politics can stop a lot of things from happening.

With only about 20 months left in office before retiring he hopes to now build some unison.

“The word would have come down from on high, ‘Don’t work with Woodall we are out to get Woodall this cycle.’” Woodall said. “Now that I’ve announced a retirement those same friends call me back and say Rob what can we do together to get things done.”

He's hoping two big transportation bills dealing with infrastructure of highways, bridges and ports survives bipartisan politics.

Immigration and border security were another divisive issue. He supports legal immigration and the president's position on it.

“I believe President Trump wants to put his signature on a bill that does exactly that,” Woodall said. “He said in his State of The Union he wants to be the president that provides more immigration, legal immigration, than any other president in American history.”

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