ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46)- One week after police shot and killed 21-year-old Jimmy Atchison, his family is still at a loss.  Jimmy’s aunt, Tammie Featherstone, spoke with CBS46 about the incident.

“We need to know what’s going on,” Featherstone said.

She said her nephew was unarmed when a federal task force tracked him down at the Allen Hills Apartments in Atlanta last week and shot him in the face.

“It has just been so much pain that we’re going through right now.  No answers, we haven’t been contacted, sleepless nights and some nights we don’t want to eat,” Atchison’s father Jimmy Hill said. 

Atchison was wanted on an armed robbery charge and was hiding in a closet at the complex when he was killed by a member of the task force.  The family’s attorney, Tanya Miller, said they still have not received details about the final moments.

“They will be burying him on Thursday and they still don’t know how he died and they don’t know why he died and despite their efforts to get information they seem to be running into walls.  Brick walls,” Miller said.

As it turns out, Miller said the Fulton County District Attorney’s office contacted the family about investigating the incident.  She said the task force involved in this shooting death was also involved in that of Jamarion Robinson.  An East Point man who was reportedly shot 59-times more than two-years-ago while police were serving a warrant.

“We look forward to meeting with the DA or any other law enforcement official that is responsible for investigating this shooting,” Miller said.

CBS46 received the following statement from the Fulton County District Attorney's Office:


“The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is required by law to investigate homicides within the county. Since Mr. Jimmy Atchison died as a result of a homicide in Fulton County my office will be investigating this matter as well.

However, it is important for Fulton County citizens to understand, the investigation into the death of Mr. Atchison is being handled differently than normal police-involved shooting investigations that take place within our jurisdiction. Rather than the death being investigated by the GBI, it is being handled by the FBI. As a result, the District Attorney’s Office nor the GBI have access to the weapons that were used and the physical evidence involved in the incident.

It’s also important to point out, even though the local police departments require their officers to wear and use body cameras, for some reason, federal law enforcement are not required to do the same. We understand that the local law enforcement officers involved in the incident erroneously believed they were not required to wear the cameras. The lack of body camera footage creates a substantial gap in the normal investigative process. We will conduct an investigation, but because of the circumstances that I’ve outlined, it will probably take more time and present a greater degree of difficulty in reaching a conclusion."

The family is hopeful the DA will help them get to the bottom of what happened.

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