COBB County, Ga. (CBS46) -- A 13-year-old suffered from horrific injuries after a dog attacked her Friday night.

Christine Oliveira, 13, told CBS46 that she was with two friends at a house near Marietta where she was attacked. In a matter of minutes, the pit bull latched onto her foot and would not let go.

“I was screaming and I was screaming, I was like I need help. The girls - I think they were in so much shock that they didn’t even know what to do” she told reporter Ashley Thompson.

Dog bite

Oliveira said she tried to get away from the dog but could not fight it off.

"He bit me on the chest, and he bit me on the calf and started going like that again. And I was screaming louder, and it was really bad” Olivera added.

After a struggle, she was able to break free and run into a room; she then slammed the door shut and collapsed.

Christine’s older sister Larissa said:

“The girls wouldn’t call for help, they would only call their parents and just tell their mom. She had to wait until the mom got there.”

Oliveira said one of the girl’s mothers drove her to Kennestone Hospital. She was then taken by ambulance to Scottish Rite.

On Wednesday, a woman answered the door who said the dog was now at animal control. She said she was not at the house when the incident happened and could not provide further information.

CBS46 verified the information. We’ve learned the dog is now under a 10-day quarantine at the Cobb County Animal Shelter. It will be tested for rabies and its behavior will be monitored. Depending on the investigation, the dog may be allowed back with its owner after the 10-day period.

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