ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The Coronavirus has millions of students stuck at home, and many teens are struggling to adjust without the technology needed for online learning.

Graduating seniors who rely on The Boys and Girls Club resources to complete school assignments got a big surprise thanks to a special donation.

“We’re stuck at home social distancing and all, and we have to be getting work done, but I didn’t have a laptop,” said Brian Ariza, a senior in high school.

But, he does now…thanks to a partnership between The Boys and Girls Club and Aaron's, more than one hundred teens received laptops.

The Boys and Girls Club reached out to all high school seniors when they had to close due to the Coronavirus.

“How can we support you? What do you need? And over and over we kept hearing we have online schooling, but we don’t have a laptops,” said Virginia Lawley, the Senior Director of Teen Services For Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta.

18-year-old Brian Ariza said he depends on The Boys and Girls Club.

“Resources such as computers, laptops, school supplies, and other stuff that allow me to get through high school,” Ariza added.

“Kids are stressed out about are they doing well enough in school, can they get all their work done, do they have access, are they going to pass to the next grade,” Lawley said.

Ariza said he’d have to get a ride to a library or elsewhere to get work done…but with everything closed, working on college applications and other schoolwork was nearly impossible.

“It would be very difficult because I would have to wait for my mom to get home, it would make things very complicated,” added Ariza.

On average 3,000 kids, ages 6-18, come through The Boys and Girls Club a day. Not everybody has access to the internet, a reliable device, or a place to work.

“I had to go to other places to print stuff, to use a laptop, and it was very risky because my mom suffers from chronic illnesses,” said Ariza.

They’ve given out more than 100 laptops, but there are 300 plus students still on the waiting list.

But for now, graduating seniors can rest easy as assignments are just a click away.

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Statement from Aaron’s regarding its recent donation of laptops to the Boys & Girls Clubs:

In difficult and unprecedented times such as these, it’s up to all of us to ask how we can make an impact to better our communities,” said John Robinson, CEO of Aaron’s, Inc. “We are honored to have a partner like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help us find a tangible way to make a difference for children in our community, giving them a critical tool to continue learning remotely as they work to own their future.

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