Driver ticketed over 3 ft. stop sign; Can Better Call Harry raise it?

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Better Call Harry is trying to help a man who just got his first traffic citation. The ticket is for running a stop sign, but there is something about this stop, and many others on Porsche Avenue in Hapeville, that got him thinking he'd Better Call Harry.

Jeff Hall isn't much of a criminal. I mean really, the fact that he's got a magnet on the car that states "I brake for turtles" shows that he's the poster child for the law-abiding driver, or at least he was until a stop sign got in the way.

Hall is facing a Hapeville judge for the first time. He ran a stop sign on Porsche Avenue near I-75.

He didn't slow down, but he's not alone.

"The police officer actually told me that it was the number one ticketed intersection for the stop sign being run all the time," says Hall.

Before court, Hall prepared first by taking a picture. The state requires stop signs to be 7 ft. to the base. Either Hall has a future in the NBA or the sign is short.

"This may actually be 3 to 3.5 ft. tall," says Hall.

Back at court, a plea was not necessary. Because of his excellent driving record, Hall got off with a warning, unbeknownst to me.

Also unbeknownst to us, while we were in court, Hapeville raised the sign.

After comparing pictures, we saw that it was higher, but not high enough. Weeks later, the city raised the sign again. It raised several stops signs along Porsche Avenue. Depending on distance, the utility pole still obstructs the view, but at least now there's a warning sign letting everyone know that you need to stop.

Even though a police officer told us that he routinely tickets at that intersection, the city claims it has only issued six citations over the past year. We're hoping it will drop to zero.

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