I-285 Intersection Danger

ATLANTA (CBS46) -- People who live near Roosevelt Highway and I-285 in South Fulton say the intersection on the state road is extremely dangerous. They’re calling it a hazard and say they’ve requested a metered light and a traffic study from GDOT after numerous accidents.

“Within the last year, it has gotten really intense,” said Shakia Guest, who lives nearby, “I’ve seen pretty bad accidents at this intersection, and it’s not a little scratch, it’s a totaled car.”

Guest passes through the intersection near Roosevelt Highway and the I-285 entrance/exit ramp every single day.

“You have to wait at least two or three minutes to ensure you’re not T-boned by on-coming traffic,” Guest said. “There needs to be some way of controlling the traffic,” added Guest.

She said drivers make many traffic violations because it’s extremely difficult to enter the highway.

“It’s like the wild, wild, west…people are making up their own rules,” Guest said. “So, what they’ll do is jump out of the lane that enters the highway and will go to oncoming traffic and do a U-turn, and enter the highway from a yield area,

She’s reached out to the Georgia Department of Transportation, but said she hasn’t heard anything back.

“I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has a concern,” Guest said.

And she’s right. A spokesman for GDOT told CBS46’s Melissa Stern they’ve received several complaints about this intersection and the department is actively investigating the issues that have been reported and working on solutions.

“I would say, maybe, at least two times a month there’s an accident backing up traffic,” said Guest, “I don’t think the area has adjusted to the growing population.”

GDOT is investigating potential short-term solutions, which might include restriping, additional signage, or other plans. The longer-term goal will be to document a traffic study that determines if and how safety and operations can be improved in the future.

“There were several times I had near misses,” added Guest, “When I get home, I’m a nervous wreck.”

The best way to report an issue to GDOT is via the online portal at www.dot.ga.gov.

Click “contact us” and provide the requested information which gives GDOT the location of the issue being reported, and then immediately assigns the problem to a point of contact who will respond directly to the individual who first reported the problem within 72 hours.

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