Dunwoody apartment explosion

DUNWOODY, Ga. (CBS46) — A frightening explosion at the Arrive Perimeter apartment complex on Sunday left many residents and community members in complete shock, including Candice Brown, who just moved in three weeks ago.

“I live across from where it actually happened, so I saw like when the house actually exploded. I saw fire and I saw smoke coming out, I was like 'what is going on?'” said Brown.

Brown said that’s when she and her roommates went searching for answers.

“I saw the person who works in the leasing office covered in blood. I’m like ​'what happened,' he said 'it’s a gas leak,​'” explained Brown.

The explosion damaged 25 units. When Brown and her roommates were told it was safe to go back to their units, it turn​ed out it wasn’t.

“We went back to our house and smelled gas. So we had a gas leak, but it got fixed,” she said.

In fact, crews found issues with both the appliance and fuel lines within the buildings at the complex. The gas supply to all 400 units ​was shut off until they could each be inspected and deemed safe.

PHOTOS: Apartment explosion in Dunwoody

“That makes me feel nervous and scared. This is my first time ever moving out,” she said.

Brown said that while she can continue to put up with the lack of gas for now, the lack of communication from Trinity Property Consultants, the company that manages the complex, must stop.

“I understand that there is a lot going on. Some of them were literally injured and everything​, but I just feel like they should communicate better with us because everyone is still confused. We had a fire alarm going off yesterday and apparently it was a false alarm and we were all freaking out again. They should just warn us when things like that happen because this isn’t okay, like we feel unsafe,” she said.

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