Bird scooters

Atlanta, GA (CBS46) The Atlanta City Council has passed legislation to bring some order to the world of electric scooters just in time for the Super Bowl.

Cedric Smith is a “Bird watcher.” He rides around town collecting and organizing Bird scooters.

“We go around pick them up and put them on the sidewalk how they’re supposed to be,” Smith said.

He says regulating where the scooters can go is a good thing.

“Just like an older parent remind people to pick up your stuff you know,” Smith said.

Under the new regulations set to take effect next week, no scooter should be parked anywhere other than on a sidewalk at a bike rack or up against a building in a manner that doesn’t obstruct the path of pedestrians. The scooters should leave at least five feet clear for pedestrians. No scooters should be ridden on sidewalks, at no faster than 15 miles per hours. And, companies should encourage riders to wear helmets.

Councilman Matt Westmoreland who is co-sponsoring the legislation says if the rules are broken riders could be ticketed.

“Our law and the regulations that go with it are all designed to make sure we can all co-exist: cars, bikes, scooters, pedestrians and folks in wheelchairs all together,” Westmoreland said.

Leaders are hoping to clear the clutter on city sidewalks for an expected one million football fans coming to Atlanta for the big game.

“I think whether it’s folks who are here for the Super Bowl or residents and tourists year-round, the goal for us as leaders of the city is to have an exciting city for folks to come visit and multiple ways for them to get around,” Westmoreland said.

Mayor Bottoms has until Tuesday to sign off on the regulations. Westmoreland anticipates she will and says they will roll into law with or without a signature, as long as there is not a veto.

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