ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- "I play recreational sports in the park, so it's hot, and it's nice to scooter and scooter back it saves time," said Sue Hamilton who rides an e-scooter almost everyday.

Many Atlantans feel the same and have embraced the convenient e-scooters. But like some drivers, e-scooter riders don't follow the rules. Yet, the increased risk of receiving a fine hasn't deterred riders.

"I mean… I guess I would say that my worry does not outweigh my worry about being hit by a car," said Sue.

Current numbers show 256 warnings and citations have been issued by Atlanta police. Of that 256 only 22 of the total number were citations.

A recent news article found the average fine for those 22 citations was $137.

Council member Andre Dickens sent a statement saying, like drivers, some scooter riders break the rules, and though they are getting better, there are still far too many breaking the rules.

For scooter riders, they say make the roads safer and they'll use them.

"As a person who rides a scooter I'm always concerned about people who are in cars who are on their phones and not paying attention," remarked Sue.

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