Eagle's Landing moves one step closer to cityhood

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Eagle’s Landing is one step closer to becoming a new city and splitting up the City of Stockbridge.

Senate Bill 262 passed with 95 votes in the House Monday morning, which means that bill will now go to the governor’s desk for him to either sign or veto.

Just to be clear, there are two bills making their way through the legislature, one to annex and one to de-annex. Senate Bill 262 is to de-annex Eagle’s Landing. The bill to annex Eagle’s Landing has not made it out of committee yet.

Senate Bills 262 and 263 made their way to the House for a vote prior to Crossover Day on Wednesday.

As for the House equivalent bills, House Bill 638 is still awaiting a vote in the Senate, while House Bill 639 did not make its way to the Senate before Crossover Day.

It’s a bit confusing, but Senate Bill 262 and House Bill 638 are the same bills but have different numbers. They are basically companion bills on both chambers.

The bills to charter the new City of Eagle’s Landing are still held up in Rules Committee, but they could come out any day now.

What does all of this mean? The General Assembly is voting in favor of splitting Stockbridge, and residents should be very concerned.

These bills are trying to create a new city, but it will take away roughly 50 percent of the City of Stockbridge including its more profitable businesses, leaving Stockbridge residents with all of the previous debt.

We’ve been told that if this happens, Stockbridge will not be able to survive. Demetrious Douglas represents Stockbridge and he hopes Gov. Nathan Deal vetoes the bill.

“I hope it gets to the governor and he decides it will affect his legacy on the State of Georgia,” he said.

For the people who live in Stockbridge, the future is still uncertain. Officials from the City of Stockbridge will hold a news conference on Tuesday to give residents an update on what’s going on.

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