EXCLUSIVE: Candidate's candidacy in question after Bulldog obtains arrest records


Deanna Harris is the GOP's candidate for State House District 41, spanning Smyrna to Marietta.

But court records we obtained appear to show Harris committed bank fraud---a felony---in 2009. The incident taking place in Florida.

In 2012, records show she was re-arrested for failing to pay restitution in full. Document signed to announce candidacyDocuments she signed with the Secretary of State to run for office--clearly say--no one convicted of a felony can run for office within ten years of that conviction or the completion of a sentence.

The document also says a person who knowingly ignores that and signs the document, could face criminal charges.

We asked Harris and her spokesperson for an on camera interview to explain this. They refused.

We visited her home and office to give her further attempts to speak to the voters. We couldn't find her.

Late Tuesday, she sent us a written statement, saying in part:

"I sought legal advice before running and was told that I could qualify and run. I still believe this is the case and will continue to have my legal team look at it."

The Secretary of State's office says they were unaware of this, until they were contacted by the Cobb County board of elections asking for a review, after we started asking questions.

The party hasn't returned our calls for comment.

The state may now initiate a candidate challenge process, which will determine if Harris can stay on the ballot.

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