ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- He saved three lives when he loaded three shooting victims into his FedEx truck, then rushed them to the hospital.

On Tuesday, just a day after the incident, he spoke exclusively to CBS46 News.

The contracted FedEx driver turned hero said he delivered the three bleeding men to the front door of Grady’s emergency room.

“I’ve never been through anything like that either, so that was kinda like some movie stuff,” Erick Richardson said.

Erick Richardson is a hero even though he won’t accept the title. He told CBS46 his actions weren’t for recognition.

“I was in a position to help them and that’s what I did,” Richardson explained.

Richardson said he was in the back of his FedEx truck prepping his next delivery when everything changed.

“The first guy comes out of nowhere and just lets me know he’s been shot, asks can I help him,” explained Richardson.

Moments later two more men arrive, even more bloodied than the first victim.

“They were bleeding out bad so it wasn’t like I didn’t want to just sit there and just wait for an ambulance and they were just bleeding out bad because you never know what could happen within the next moment,” he explained.

So he helped all three men in his truck, then hightailed it to Grady Memorial Hospital, even speeding through red lights.

"I was pretty much just driving and honking my horn. I did have to slow down for the cars that were just kind of speeding through the lights going in the opposite direction because I don’t want to cause any accidents,” Richardson said.

Luckily, he got the victims to Grady in time. All three men survived.

Richardson says all three men thanked him for getting them to the hospital in time.

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