Four high-level administrators at Georgia Tech have either resigned or been fired after multiple internal audits allege an array of allegations of financial misuse and executive behavior violating university code and/or state law.

Three scathing and stunning reports from the University System of Georgia and Georgia Tech--detail the allegations and findings.

Steve Swant, executive vice president of administration and finance - fired. CBS46 obtaining his termination letter.

He's accused of taking a paid position on the board of a Georgia Tech vendor---which was paid millions by the school.

He also allegedly charged Georgia Tech for international travel associated with his position on the board.

Paul Strouts, vice president of campus services - gone.

Accused of using an annual bookstore vendor payment intended for student outreach to get a luxury box at the football stadium for personal use.

He's also accused of providing a friend with a bogus 100-thousand dollar a year job at Georgia Tech.

He's also accused of organizing golf outings on company time and lying about it.

The two other administrators who resigned--Lance Lunsway and Tom Stipes--are accused of either participating in or benefiting from this.

Georgia Tech isn't commenting because these are personnel matters. But the audits do allude--more are believed to be involved.

Below are the reports in question:

Click here for report 1.

Click here for report 2.

Click here for report 3.

Friday, Georgia Tech sent us the following:

Georgia Tech has taken several steps in response to the findings, including:

• The Institute’s chief audit executive now reports directly to the president. This employee now has direct and total access to the president.

• A revamped cabinet-level position will allow the Institute to take a more proactive response to ethics. The vice president for ethics, compliance and risk management will now report directly to president. This position will educate, inform and enforce ethical behavior across the Institute.

• Clarified policy pertaining to “consulting leave” to explain that full-time administrators are not eligible for this. Consulting leave is primarily intended for use by full-time faculty who do not earn annual leave.

• Georgia Tech will conduct an “Ethical Culture Indicator” survey in September. It will involve employees at every level of the Institute.

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