ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A 21-year-old construction worker was hit and killed while on the job.

The driver, Nadia Butterfield, is a local recent college graduate who is now charged with reckless driving and homicide by vehicle. Police believe alcohol may have been a factor.

Butterfield, 22, remains in the hospital, but her father sat down for an exclusive interview with CBS46’s Melissa Stern.

“I got a phone call about 2:30 or 3 o’clock in the morning from some witnesses who were on the scene, then I went out to the scene,” he explained.

It was early Sunday morning when officers responded to a traffic accident on I-285 near Cascade Road. 

“It’s the kind of phone call that no person wants to have as a parent,” said Nadia’s father, Torris Butterfield. 

Police say Butterfield’s car entered the closed portion of the interstate and struck a guardrail. Her car continued traveling alongside the guardrail for several hundred feet before striking a construction worker. Police say Butterfield’s car then struck a parked construction vehicle and came to a stop.

That worker was transported to Grady Hospital where he died from his injuries. He’s been identified as 21-year old Chad Mickler, from Florida.

“Nadia, her family, friends, and community are extremely remorseful, and give our condolences to this construction worker who lost his life,” Nadia’s father added.

Butterfield was taken into custody and transported to Grady Hospital.

“We believe she has a fractured neck, she has several fractures in her right hand, multiple contusions to her face, and lacerations to other parts of her lips, she suffered trauma mentally and physically,” her dad added.

Investigators believe alcohol may have been a factor in this accident. Additional charges are possible, pending the results of a blood test.

“We want to express that she’s extremely remorseful, and we want to express our condolences to that family, and we will do that at the appropriate time, in an appropriate fashion, in the future,” added Butterfield, “With regards to what exactly happened, I’m not in a position to discuss that until we get police reports, toxicology reports, and everything of that nature.”

Nadia is recent graduate of Tennessee State University. Her father said she was with some friends that night, but no one else was in her car. Her dad said there were three cars trailing each other and she was the third car.

He said while he can’t discuss the facts of the situation at this time, he wants to make sure it’s clear that they feel terrible about what happened.

“Nadia is a part of the community, she has been a part of the community, recent college graduate, working at a law firm currently, but the biggest thing is we’re extremely remorseful, and we want our condolences to go out to the family of this construction worker who lost his life in this tragic automobile incident,” said Butterfield, “We wrap our arms around that family, and express our condolences.”

We received the victim’s ID, Chad Mickler, too late, and were not able to contact his family in time for this story.

We will follow up with them at a later date.

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