Exclusive new video obtained Wednesday night by the CBS46 Bulldog shows in more raw detail a March traffic stop by Roswell police pulling over one of their own.

That off-duty officer was speeding and admits to drinking.

It's a story we first broke Tuesday night, which has since been the talk of the police department and the Roswell community. But additional video has come to light that paints a deeper picture.(MORE: EXCLUSIVE: Roswell officer pulled over, let go month before 'coin flip' incident)

The cop was eventually let go and the traffic stop had a very different ending than the April arrest of a local woman on a "coin flip." The department says don't equate the two. Officers used their best judgment in this case.

Skeptics may question that.

But new video raises new questions on whether or not the officer has gotten the help he needs to remain fit on the force.

The March traffic stop put Roswell police officers and supervisors in a tough position. Off-duty officer Daniel Ramunno was visually spotted speeding through town at up to 70 mph -- so fast, he lost the officer pursuing him.

He later admits he was coming from a local bar.

"You know what kind of position you put me in?" says the officer doing the stop. "Cause I can tell you've been drinking, man."

"I'm sorry. I only had a drink," responded Ramunno.

"You only had a drink?" the questioning officer asks.

Ramunno refuses a sobriety test, which is his legal right. And the responding officer later says he doesn't have enough observational evidence to book him.

"I don't want to put a brother in jail any more than you would. Can you sit here and honestly tell me you were safe to drive that car, and you would have done that completely sober?" Ramunno is asked.

"Yes. I'm just upset," he replies.

The video gets far more personal. Officer Ramunno makes it clear he has been dealing with issues, which we won't detail. But it does raise the question -- has a man who holds a badge and gun gotten the help he needs to protect and serve with good judgment.

The department confirms he is still on the job.

Officer Ramunno was pulled over in the apartment complex in which he was staying, so one can assume he didn't drive any further once let go.

The Roswell police chief later announced an outside audit of his department will take place to address the issues his department has been facing.

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