Facebook user says post about blowing up Stone Mountain was a joke

(Source: Satrical City of Atlanta Facebook page)

The carving on the side of Stone Mountain is America's largest Confederate monument. A comedy page on Facebook took aim at the display, saying there were plans to blow it up this weekend, and many people took that seriously -- even reporting the post as terrorism.

Facebook took this seriously too, as the page that made that post was shut down by the social media company.

I spoke to the comedian behind it and he says it is a gross overreaction.

"I didn't ever think it was going to get shut down because I've had it for a couple years now," said Ben Palmer.

Palmer now lives in Los Angeles, but before moving to Tinsel Town, he lived in Atlanta for five years and created the Satirical City of Atlanta Facebook page.

"I decided to just keep the page, keep checking in on Atlanta, and keep making jokes," said Palmer.

This week, he posted an event on the page to his 150,000 followers. Stone Mountain implosion

Join us as we implode America's largest Confederate monument. Say goodbye to a symbol of white supremacy and celebrate with us as we watch Stone Mountain crumble to the ground.While he does believe the carving of the Confederate leaders -- Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson -- needs to become a thing of the past, he's surprised people really thought it was happening this weekend.

Some of those people reported him, with one user writing:"I have reported this event to Facebook as terrorism. That's what it is. You can't say you are going to blow up something at a public park on a day which some people are planning to attend.""They all reported it, they got the page removed, so job well done for them, I guess," said Palmer.

And Palmer is reaching out to Facebook to see if he can get the page restored. If not, he says look for the new city of Atlanta satire page in the near future.

Meanwhile, while the post was fake, there has been a very real debate about what to do with the monument. In the last couple years, we have seen Confederate memorials across the south come down. Perhaps the most vocal proponent of removing the carving at Stone Mountain could be Georgia's next governor -- Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

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