A fallen tree came crashing down onto a family's home in Gwinnett County, blocking the door and forcing them to find another way out.

The tree toppled onto the home inside the Connemara subdivision off River Road in Lawrenceville around 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

Wesley Robertson says he had just walked into his home and left his truck running when the tree crashed onto the home with his daughters inside. After it happened, Robertson said heavy branches were draped all over the home so they had to escape out of a different door.

"The tree came from the neighbor's yard behind the fence diagonally across the back of the house and just came across the entire house," Robertson told CBS46 News. "(The tree) Crushed my truck and then the entire back of the house, the whole roof, bathrooms, bedrooms. Everything's gone."

Cleanup crews have equipment in place and have already removed a portion of the tree that did the most significant damage. They'll remove the remaining parts of the tree Tuesday morning.

Thankfully, Robertson says no injuries were sustained. He says they have family in the area and will have a place to stay as repairs are made.

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