ROME, Ga. (CBS46) -- Former paramedic and wife of a first responder Jodie Johnston says the Coronavirus pandemic has turned her life upside down.

“It’s just really scary I don't sleep much anymore at home... worrying what he's going to be exposed to and if he's going to bring it home."

Johnston says the coronavirus has taken her family’s life by storm forcing her to take precaution. The conversations of "what ifs" began, and plans for how they would protect their children and family were put in place.

Their laundry room went from a safe entry to their home to a decontamination room.

"So the 13 and the nine-year-old understand a lot more than the one-year-old does... um he's used to daddy coming home and being able to hug him, pick them up, and now he can't."

Johnston says the situation is heartbreaking.

“The choices that we made for our careers, it's not a choice that they've made but they're kind of reaping the consequences of that," she added.

But Johnston and a family friend Shannon Nasworthy are changing the narrative.

By teaming up with their kids to make protective mask for first responders.

“It makes us feel good... and her too she wants to do something because she's been in the medical field it just makes us feel like we're actually able to do something from home," says Nasworthy.

"As far as healthcare and grocery stores right now especially your pharmacist everybody just tell them thank you.. Pray for them.. I think they will make a big difference."

In a Facebook post Johnston says, "To her family, friends, and husband..I love you and pray for your protection every day. Thank you for all you do, knowing there's risks. You are my heroes."

If you would like to help make mask or donate join the Facebook group 'Making Mask for Atlanta Health Care Works' and learn more.

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