Sijeria Parks

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A mother is defending the daughter who can't speak for herself because someone shot her.

Clayton County Police said the young woman lured a man to an apartment so she could rob him. That man later shot her in the head.

Sijeria Parks’ family says she's brain dead and in a coma. Her family told CBS46 that she can't talk right now so they're going to speak for her.

They want investigators to know they got it all wrong.

“I want justice and I'm hurting,” said her mother, Carole Plant. “Don't say that my daughter is a suspect because she's not. She's a victim.”

Clayton County Police say 19-year-old Sijeria Parks invited a man to her house late Sunday night and tried to rob him with the help of three other suspects.

Officers believe as it was about to go down, someone in the group pulled out a gun. That's when police said the man pulled out his own gun and started shooting.

They said Parks was shot in the head while trying to avoid the gunfire.

But the family said Parks is no criminal.

“She’s not the type. That's not her,” continued Plant. “She's not the type to set anybody up to bring them back.”

Parks mother said she knows the real story.

“What really happened was he got mad because my daughter had went to school,” said Plant. “My daughter did not lure (anyone).”

The family is hoping to meet with Clayton County investigators to talk about the situation in detail.

When CBS46 asked police if they could address any of the family's claims, a spokesperson told us the investigation is ongoing.

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