Hall County, Ga. (CBS46) - A family of five is working to heal and process a horrific Mother's Day explosion on their boat.

Now, a close family friend is sharing details on their recovery process and asking for help.

Coleman's 13-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter remained at Grady Hospital Tuesday night.

"They were both on the back of the boat and took the brunt of the blast when it happened," said David Dirske, a close family friend. "They're in stable condition now. The daughter was burned the worst with some second and third-degree burns. She's currently being sedated."

Dirske says he and his family were with the Coleman's Sunday about an hour before the explosion. "They were over on our dock. We were doing some work on my boat. We were down by their boat doing some stuff. Just hanging out a little bit and then when we left for mother's day, they were getting ready to go out on a family boat ride."

That's when the boat went up in flames. The aftermath was caught on video.

Another family, the Spencer's, heard the explosion and ran to help, pulling them to safety.

"I've always thought when folks need help, run to help. And this was a time they needed it," said Steven Spencer.

The Coleman's dog did not survive the blast. Several other people were injured but the most serious are the brother and sister.

"We went immediately and picked them up and took the youngest son to the hospital so they could be with the two older kids that were life-flighted," said Dirske.

A GoFundMe has already raised more than 17-thousand dollars for the family.

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