ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Ebony McCrae Curley was catching up with her friends over dinner at Einstein’s Restaurant on the evening of April 15, 2017.

“She sent me a picture asking me does she look pretty, and I said yes. And she said I’ll call you when I leave,” Ebony’s mother, Larshell Curley, said in an exclusive interview with CBS46 investigative anchor Karyn Greer.

Larshell would never get that call from her daughter.

Surveillance footage from that night shows Ebony as she embraces her friends while she waits for the valet to bring Ebony her car. At that moment, the valet accidentally hit the gas as he was moving another car. The video shows the car hurdled toward the crowd of people, pinning Ebony to another car in the parking lot.

Ebony was rushed to the hospital, where she later died. Several of her friends were also injured.

Larshell Curley 04/15/2019

Two years later, Judge Glenda Hatchett is representing Ebony’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of both Einstein’s Restaurant and the valet company that was operating on the premises that night.

Hatchett and her firm say the property owners didn’t do their part to keep patrons like Ebony safe. “The way the premises were set up to do this valet parking, she had no place to stand,” explains Hatchett.

Hatchett also says the City of Atlanta has never issued a valet permit to the owners of the property. “After a young woman’s death, they’re still operating,” says Hatchett.

CBS46 obtained a copy of a cease and desist notice, issued by the city, which states “the property is not zoned to operate as a park-for-hire facility.”

Documents show the owners of the property presented a plan to the Midtown Development Review Committee that would have expanded the valet parking area at Einstein’s and Joe’s on Juniper in 2016; however, the project was never built, and the space was never upgraded.

City officials nor the legal team representing the property owners provided comment for this story.

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