GWINNETT County, Ga. (CBS46) -- A local family is asking for the community's help in creating new leads in their daughter's homicide.

Police said they discovered 18-year-old Tory Lang shot to death in the Yellow River Park Last week.

CBS46’s Tori Cooper spoke to her father on Wednesday.

“She had a charismatic character about her that drew a lot of people in, she would light up the room,” Lang’s father Torrey Lang said.

Her father said he believes his daughters heart was a little too big.

“Having a good character could be a double edged sword and you know a lot of people see that.”

He said his didn’t have her phone last Tuesday because her mom was updating it for her.

He said when she never made it home that night and they couldn’t contact her, they started to panic.

“You know I figured she might be one of her friends, but as the night got late I was like no she knows she’s supposed to be home by now. We couldn’t sleep that night at all and then in the morning, my wife said oh no something is not right and we filed a missing person’s report.”

Little did her parents know just down street from their house, homicide detectives were working to identify a woman who was found shot to death in the early morning hours the next day at Yellow River Park.

Police share descriptions of the woman’s tattoos confirming her parents worst nightmare.

“When I showed my wife the tattoo my wife just started screaming.”

This weekend police said her car was finally discovered abandoned and burned, at the Hidden Acres Mature Perserve.

The location is just three minutes from her home and nine minutes from where she was discovered in the park.

Even though she didn’t have her phone, her father believes the contacts in her phone will provide the next clue in tracking down whose responsible.

“The detectives as of now have her phone and they have been pulling a lot of stuff and they have been telling us that hey we are getting a lot of information and we’ve been talking to a lot of her friends.”

He’s hoping those to his daughter will speak up even if it’s just anonymously.

“Just understand how important this is and even if you scared just talk to somebody.”

If you would like to support Tori’s family in paying for her funeral you can click here.

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