ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Piedmont Park is one of Atlana’s favorite park for its beautiful sights and smells, or so it was. Park goers over the weekend were shocked when they found scooter after scooter, smeared with poop.

“Definitely to get away from the city it’s a nice escape,” said Brennan Cate, who comes to the park regularly. 

“That is disgusting,” Cate added. 

Feces smeared on scooters in Piedmont Park has community crying fowl

Those utilizing the park on Wednesday are asking the big questions.

“Do they know like human or dog? I mean that’s, that’s concerning,” Cate said. So far nobody knows who is responsible for the dirty deed.

“Like a phantom crap smearer in the park,” Eassa said.

APD said in an email that there hasn’t been any formal complaints but that the Zone 5 commander is aware of the feces fiasco.

“I mean someone trying to ruin the fun for everybody else, I mean that’s disgusting,” Cate said.

“Oof, oh, yeah no, I don’t want any part of that,” said Jacob Eassa, who was working out in the park.

Since scooters were introduced to the city, they have consistently divided the public. Those who witnessed the foul act say that a large number of scooters inside the park were marked and that it might be a smear campaign, as scooters just outside the park’s walls were left untouched.

“Definitely very strange that it was only scooters and bikes inside the park itself rather than outside,” Cate said.

Piedmont Park Conservancy said they are working to make sure all lights are working in the park and APD says they are committed along with the city council to add more cameras inside the park.

Those in the park agree the 'poopertrator' needs to be found and the punishment should fit the crime, such as dog poo cleaner in the park for a whole month.

“I think that’s fair, and eye-for-an-eye,” Cate said.

Lime, who also owns Jump E-Scooters, said their team did a sweep of the affected scooters and has sanitized any that needed to be. They also said they regularly sanitize scooters no matter their condition and are prepared to work with authorities as necessary. 

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