FedEx shooter leaves suicide note


Cobb County police said a FedEx employee who shot six co-workers on Tuesday left a suicide note. Police won't say what it said or where it was found.

Police said 19-year-old Geddy Kramer, a package handler, shot a security guard then went into the sorting facility on Airport Road in Kennesaw and shot five others. The guard, Christopher Sparkman, remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Police found several Molotov cocktail explosive devices in the warehouse.

"We're not going to get into and we can't get into what is the motive of this individual because that's merely speculation at this point," said Officer Michael Bowman. "We will not speculate as to what transpired and why this incident occurred."

Police said they did recover the shotgun used in the shooting at Kramer's home in Acworth.

"We do know that the shotgun that was utilized yesterday in the incident was owned and purchased by the suspect," said Bowman. "The investigators actually found evidence and even the box when they conducted the search warrant."

A neighbor and close friend said Kramer recently joked about shooting up his workplace. Another friend said he was depressed but wouldn't talk about why.

Police said they are still interviewing FedEx employees and those who knew Kramer.

"We have total empathy and sympathy for the families that were injured in this event and we pray for their speedy recovery," said Bowman. "We're thankful that no other person was injured or hurt in this incident."

FedEx released the following statement on Wednesday:

"This continues to be a difficult time for all of us at FedEx. Our primary focus is on supporting the needs of those affected by this tragic incident. Together, we will work through this."

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