Feral pigs run hog wild in Decatur

Source: WGCL

On Lindon Lane in Decatur, Jin Masonotti and her neighbors fear for their safety.

"She’s probably about 150 lbs., she’s a big girl," said homeowner Jin Masanotti.

Feral animals have been running hog wild in their neighborhood for the past six weeks and it’s all caught on video.

"I grew up in the country so I know what wild pigs and boars look like and I was like those look like pigs to me and my husband kind of peeked out the window and was like yeah those are pigs," said Masanotti.

The wild pigs have been seen at night rooting around in people’s yards and the damage is detrimental.

"You see what they’ve done to this. It looks like a bobcat just ran through there just digging up the yard," said Masanotti. "I was imagining cutting the grass and what a pain that is going to be cutting the grass unless we smooth everything back out."

Masanotti notified Dekalb County Animal Control and the department of natural resources but was told they don’t trap wild boar and was given a list of professional trappers who want as much as $3,000 to remove the animals.

"This is outrageously expensive so we asked some of our neighbors for help and that’s when they were like we shouldn’t have to pay for this. The county should help us with this," said Masanotti.

"I’d hate for my daughter to run into it unexpectedly," said concerned parent Sean Crowe.

Meanwhile, the pigs pose a continued threat to the people living in the neighborhood.

"Knowing that there is an adult pig roaming around the neighborhood is concerning especially for the little ones," said Crowe.

"I just get worried about the sow feeling that she’s getting cornered or that we’re threatening her babies and that she’s going to attack somebody," said Masanotti. "It is a legitimate threat."

Residents located someone who built a trap over the weekend. only time will tell if that takes care of the pig problem.

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