ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- DeKalb County School officials are investigating a pep rally at McNair High School that led to an alleged fight between students and a local rapper.

Travis Victrum is a sophomore at McNair High. He says he was approved to perform a rap song during a homecoming pep rally at McNair High School Friday. He and his group decided to throw cash into the air during their performance. Students ran from the bleachers in the school's gymnasium and flooded the floor trying to pick up cash.

Victrum tells CBS46 that students were not fighting, until a rapper named Lil Tripp pulled out cash and was bum-rushed.

Victrum says he saw the rapper "throw punches" at students during the chaos.

"All the money we threw was picked up and everybody was back seated until the other rapper came and supposedly was flashing his money and throwing it on the ground," Victrum told CBS46. "All the students came and rushed and tried to pick it up. The kids were picking up the money and that’s when he threw punches," he added.

Victrum's mother says while her son is on the video in the initial performance, she says he was not involved in the brawl. She says Lil Tripp is not a student at McNair High.

"From what I was told, my son got permission for his performance and his people," said Dermicka Victrum, Travis Victrum's mother. "I didn't know they were planning on having another rapper performing. From my son's understanding somebody else brought him. Some other boys." 

Victrum tells CBS46 he regrets throwing the cash and did not intend for the rush of students and fighting. 

"It was supposed to be a homecoming pep rally, and it was just to have fun," Victrum said. "The rappers were supposed to hype the kids up for the homecoming game that was on that Saturday night." 

His mother says she wants to know how Lil Tripp's appearance was approved.

"I don’t know how he got in the school or did he sign in at the school," Ms. Victrum told CBS46. " I don’t know how he got here or who brought him there ,but I know he is not a student there."

DeKalb County Schools sent the following statement:

"The safety and well-being of DeKalb County School District students and staff are among the district’s top priorities. School administrators were not aware that a McNair High School teacher invited the rapper. He was not hired by the school and did not receive compensation. The school's normal security plan was in place and includes all staff assigned to locations in the gym and at entry and exit points. 

DCSD police are aware of the incident at McNair High School concerning Lil Tripp and consider this an active investigation.

Any disciplinary action would be handled as a personnel matter."

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School security is so good that one teacher can invite a person not related to the school and get them inside without the principal OR school police even knowing about it? BS

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