SMYRNA, Ga. (CBS46) An insect infestation is threatening a metro Atlanta veteran's home. Termites and ants have moved in and according to the veteran, the homeowners association isn't lifting a finger to help.

“This opening, that’s the weakest point,” said veteran Bobby McZune as he pointed to the damage insects have caused to his home. “The water pours in here and it drips all the way around,” added McZune.

For the past few years McZune has been battling with water coming into his home, he says the problem is the result of insects eating away at the siding and wooded area around his window. He says he has reached out to his HOA, but has gotten very little help.

“It makes me feel like I've been taken advantage of because I call them, they don’t answer my calls. I pay my association every month and I’m never late, so I feel like I’m wasting my money and they’re not doing their job," he added.

CBS46 reached out to Serenity Management, the company over the property, and despite multiple calls they never responded to us. All the while McZune is still dealing with the problem.

“He has to keep putting towels down, the carpet is starting to turn brown, the whole is getting bigger”, said McZune’s daughter, Channel Hayes.

But it isn’t just the hole and mold McZune and his daughter are worried about.

“It’s a big deal. At first we were worried that the wall would cave in because it really starting to rot. So it’s a big problem,” said Hayes.

But things are looking up, the family says the HOA contacted them, sating that they plan to  fix the problem.

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