ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) Gwendolyn Farris whimpers in pain as she attempts to complete the daily task of putting on her shoe.

“It can be a shooting pain, very, very intense to the point where I actually grimace, as I’m about to do now because I’m having that pain spasm right now” said Farris as she described the discomfort she lives with daily. “And, it lasts for a few minutes and then there are times I actually cannot walk,” added Farris.

The 30-year veteran tore a ligament in her left ankle in 2007. Since then she’s been in the care of the VA and said the lack of adequate help has made things worse to the point she has developed multiple hemtomas in the area.

“They determined that I needed surgery so I’ve been waiting since 2017 to get this surgery,” said Farris.

Farris said a surgery was scheduled for July 2018 but it was abruptly canceled.

“I’m basically a victim of medical neglect and abuse. I have been making reports about their behavior to high level entities like Johnny Isakson's office, Mr. Wilkes the secretary of the VA, I even called the White House hotline just trying to get someone to interview."

But Farris said no one would help, so CBS46 stepped in. We reached out to the VA for an explanation as to why Farris had been waiting so long for her surgery, but the high level officials refused to comment.

In the meantime, Farris has to continue to suffer despite performing basic tasks like walking or even moving her foot has become a major obstacle.

“It, it's hurting, it's throbbing right now” added Farris.

Because, Farris has waited for more than six months she qualifies for her surgery to be outsourced. We are still waiting to see if the VA will approve that.

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