Roderick Walker

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Roderick Walker, a black man who was captured on video being beaten by Clayton County Sheriff's deputies during an arrest was granted a signature bond on Thursday. He was released shortly after from Fulton County Jail.

Earlier on Thursday, CBS46 learned more about what police say happened during Walker's arrest. In the incident report obtained on Thursday, officers say they were making a traffic stop when they asked Walker, who was riding in the passenger seat, for identification because he was not wearing a seat belt. When Walker refused to identify himself, they say they asked him to step out of the car with the intention of detaining him until they identified him.

The deputies said when they tried to put Walker in handcuffs, he took off on foot. They say when a second attempt to detain him failed, they deployed a stun gun and began striking Walker when he continued to resist arrest.

The deputies involved in the incident were named in the report as Deputy D. Riddick and Deputy Brandon Myers. CBS46 confirmed early Friday morning that Deputy Myers has been fired for excessive use of force. He had been with the department since November of 2019.

On Friday, Roderick Walker's family and attorneys held a press conference following his release to discuss next steps after his violent arrest. During the press conference, Walker's attorney said they have not been able to get his charges dismissed. 

Walker's legal council had been requesting the incident report from the Sheriff's Office; however, they were not given access to the document prior to its release to the media, which they described as "disturbing." 

"The report, in my view, shows somebody trying to cover their ass," said Attorney Shean Williams. 

"We believe that this is another example of an attempt to deflect to cover up what we saw in that video and they are using an incident report now to do it," added Attorney Williams. 

Roderick Walker briefly spoke about the incident saying,"I just want to let you all know that I was scared, I feared for my life and I just pray, just hope that it don't happen to nobody else." 



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